Mandatory Fire Evacuation Expenses May Be Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance

Mandatory Fire Evacuation Expenses May Be Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance

Mandatory Fire Evacuation Might Be Covered Mandatory-Fire-Evacuation

With many residents in California and the West displaced due to Mandatory Fire Evacuations, many people do not realize that costs incurred during a mandatory fire evacuation may be covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

One might expect that temporary living expenses would be covered if your home is damaged due to a covered loss.  Not as well known, however is the fact that you may not actually need to sustain a loss to your home for the coverage to kick in.  Most homeowners policy will cover expenses incurred should you be forced from your home due to a mandatory fire evacuation ordered by the appropriate civil authorities.

Keep Your Receipts

It should be obvious that if you find yourself forced to flee your home due to a mandatory fire evacuation, you should keep all receipts for any hotel room that you stay att.  Also, keep receipts for any other expenses you incur, for meals, personal care items, maybe even clothing or other items.  It’s at this point that I should include the obligatory, cautionary legalese:  The contents of this article should not be taken as gospel for what your homeowners policy will cover.  There are many companies out there and they sell a variety of different policies whose policy language and coverages will differ.  There are some companies that sell stripped down policies that don’t include such important benefits or would require that your home actually sustain damage.  Also, you would likely be subject to the deductible that you chose.

How to Tell if You Are Covered for a Mandatory Fire Evacuation

If you have access to your policy, look for the words “Civil Authority Prohibits Use” under the section that deals with Additional Living Expense.  If not, you can call your agent or call your insurance company directly.

Having this coverage at least helps take some of the stress out of being subject to a mandatory fire evacuation.

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