This is it! A blog about insurance! (And the crowd goes wild!)

This is it! A blog about insurance! (And the crowd goes wild!)

Seriously, can you think of anything more exciting than an insurance blog?  Giving you goose bumps, huh? 

Not so much, you say?

OK, I get it.  Insurance isn’t sexy.  It’s one of those things that, except attorneys and body shops, nobody really likes.  After all, you pay, you pay, you pay and seldom see anything in return.  What’s to like?  And it’s complicated.  Way, way too complicated and too technical and just about as much fun as a rash on the bottom of your feet.

So how can I hope to attract readers?  What can I possibly do to make you want to come back or even care what I write? 

In that vein, I pledge to:

  1. Make it useful by answering some of the most common questions we get;
  2. NOT make it a dry, technical, BORING, Ambien-substitute of a blog;
  3. Focus on what matters most to the consumer, making sure they are making the most of their insurance dollar and making sure they have the coverages they need to keep from getting soaked when claim time comes.


So sit back, hang on, and please, PLEASE keep your hands and arms inside the car at all times.

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  1. Tom Rothwell
    January 29, 2016 at 4:56 pm

    Kevin, Just spent the morning reading your blog. I'm a fellow insurance nerd in MO. Perfect blend of facts and humor. Good job.

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