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Looking to insure your new motorcycle or ATV? Have you just moved into your new condo and didn’t realize that the homeowners association insurance won’t cover your personal property or any alterations? At KPIA we offer a lot more than just home and auto insurance. Below you’ll find a list of just some of the many other insurance products we offer. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call at 760-242-2345 and one of our helpful and friendly agents will be happy to assist you.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle riders are a unique breed and often have unique bikes. Don’t trust your pride and joy to just anybody, make sure you get coverage that will cover your bike (and all its accessories) like the special vehicle it is. You’re passionate about your bike, we’re passionate about making sure it is properly covered with the best policy at the best rate.

Offroad Vehicle Insurance

The most common misconception about off road vehicles like ATVs and dirt bikes, etc., is that they are covered under homeowners policies. All homeowners policies not only exclude them from property coverage (meaning it does not pay for them if they are damaged or stolen) but they are also excluded from liability coverage and medical payments coverage. So if someone is injured from riding or being struck by the vehicle, there is no coverage for medical bills. This coverage gap is easily handled though an inexpensive off-road vehicle insurance policy.

Segway Insurance

Segways are a fun, easy and relaxing way to get around, especially in the city. Unfortunately, like most vehicles of any type, Segway’s are excluded from coverage on homeowners policies. Fortunately, Segway insurance can be purchased for a relatively low premium and provide coverage for both the Segway itself as well as liability should a pedestrian be injured by your Segway.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Ever been stunned at the cost of extended warrranties sold by auto dealers? If not, you probably don’t realize how grossly overpriced they are. Loaded down by huge markups and enormous commissions to the car salesmen and sales managers, surprisingly little of the money is for the actual protection against repairs. Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) is the perfect answer to the overpriced dealership extended warranty. MBP offers bumper-to-bumper protection, often for less than half what the dealers charge for similar protection. Plus, you get lots of extra benefits, like roadside assistance and rental car assistance and you get to choose your own repair facility whether you choose your trusted neighborhood mechanic or take the vehicle back to the dealers for repairs.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection Quote

Rental Dwelling Insurance

On its face, a rental home would does not seem all that different from an owner occupied home. From an insurance standpoint, they are very different. Homeowner policies do not provide liability coverage to protect landlords against claims arising from the rental of the premises. In addition, property coverage may be severly limited or excluded if the home is being rented out. The good news is that the property can often be insured correctly for about the same price or even less than a full homeowners package policy.

Apartment Building Insurance Quote

Condominium Insurance

While most condo owners are aware that the building they live in is covered by their home owners association (HOA), that does not include coverage for their personal property, additions or alterations they have done to their unit, liability for their home or, in many cases, even the interior walls. Condominium Owners Insurance takes care of that very affordably. Additionally, like other homeowners insurance products, package it together with your auto insurance and save on both making it even more affordable.

Manufactured Homes Insurance

With too many companies, manufactured homes are merely an afterthought. Not with KPIA. We work with many companies including the #1 mobile home insurer in the nation, Foremost Insurance. With our varied offerings and comprehensive products, you can rest easy knowing that your mobile home is insured properly with industry leading companies. All of this at the lowest premiums for manufactured home insurance.

Seasonal and Vacation Home Insurance

While often insured under a typical homeowners policy, often an experienced agent can save their clients money by using coverage from the primary home’s policy for very little cost and then insuring the secondary home on a more limited policy. Situations like this help demonstrate the value of using an experienced, knowledgeable agent instead of some call center based insurer, enabling the consumer to get better coverage at a lower price.

Liability Umbrella Insurance

Actually, umbrella liability policies are not property coverage like the policies described above, however they are most often sold in conjunction with a homeowners policy. Umbrella policies are called that because they act like an umbrella, providing an extra layer of liability above and beyond your other policies. They can be written to cover your cars, home, rental homes, recreational vehicles and even small businesses. Umbrella policies are the best, most cost effective way to protect your assets. With policy limits up to $10,000,000 or more, umbrella policies offer tremendous value considering the amount of protection they afford.

One very important feature that many companies and agents don’t offer is the ability to add Uninsured Motorist coverage to an umbrella policy. This adds $1 Million or more to your underlying UM coverage, for very little increase in premium. Just another example of how it pays to be with an expert independent insurance agency like KPIA.

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