Noah way! That’s Apple Valley?

Noah way! That’s Apple Valley?

Yes way!  I took this picture in Apple Valley during the storms last winter but it could have been in any of the High Desert cities or communities.  Victorville and Hesperia (especially Hesperia!) and pretty much every other city in California are also at risk for flooding.

Apple Valley Flood

What’s that you say?  Your home is on higher ground?  Truth is that a lot of homes damaged by floods are simply from water accumulation on their property.  Those puddles in your backyard or alongside your house?  All it would take is an unexpected diversion of water due to any kind of sudden blockage in the normal runoff path…  WHAM!  That puddle becomes a pond and your den and living room are in two inches of water.

Really though, how bad is two inches of water anyway?  Quickly imagine…  All the flooring, the drywall on every wall, the furniture, the subwoofer (that got your attention, huh guys?)…  Everything that touches the floor!  And that’s just from two inches of water!

And if that sounds like bad news, consider that most homeowners don’t buy flood insurance because they figure that since they don’t live in the midwest or southeast, a flood won’t happen to them.  Of course while it is true that large scale flooding is more likely to happen there, small scale flooding happens everywhere.  Even here.

Think flood insurance is expensive?  Think again.  Most homes in low to moderate risk areas (like most of the Victor Valley) can get basic flood insurance coverage for only$129 per year.  Yes, it is really that inexpensive here, primarily because we are not in one of the regions where widespread flooding is common.

That doesn’t mean, though, that it is unthinkable for us to experience widespread flooding.  No discussion about High Desert flood risk would be complete without referencing a very interesting and informative article that I found on the internet, written by long time High Desert resident Richard Doornbos.  Click here to read his evaluation about the potential for catastrophic, widespread flooding in the Victor Valley.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly (back off grammar cops, I was trying to be cute there)…  It’s important to know that there is a 30-day waiting period before any flood insurance would take effect, so waiting until the forecast calls for a deluge is too late.

Act now so that when Mother Nature gives you a toxic indoor pool, you’re covered.

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