About KPIA

Proudly Serving Apple Valley, Victorville and Hesperia since 1972

Insurance Agent with CoupleFor over 40 years, we have been serving the high desert cities and towns of California, providing the best insurance policies, protecting familes and supporting our community.

During that time, we have been proud as generation after generation have trusted us to insure what is important to them, giving them peace of mind knowing that when the unthinkable happens, they will be protected and have a friend and ally to see them through those difficulties.

We are honored that many of our customers place so much trust in us that they refer their friends, colleagues and family members to us. So much so, that referrals still make up the lion’s share of our new insurance clients.

As an independent insurance agency, our goal is to assist you in your personal insurance and small business insurance needs. We will help you manage and plan for all your potential risks. Unlike most insurance agents who only represent one company, we represent many, giving us the ability to find just the right protection for you with products and companies that are simply not available to most agents. Also, as independent agents, we do not work for any insurance company, we work for you!

Service after the sale is our hallmark, whether in response to an insurance claim, answering your questions or working to make sure that your insurance program keeps up with your ever changing life. We want you to have the confidence in us that your parents may have had and that your children will have when it comes to insuring the important things in life.

Why Choose KPIA?

Get Personal Service and the Best Quotes for All Your Insurance Needs

dependabilityDependability – We have been at virtually the same location in Apple Valley for 40 years. Since 1972, Californians have trusted us with their insurance needs, knowing that when they need us most, we will be there for them.

security-iconSecurity – We feature California admitted, “A+” rated companies. Even when economic disaster struck and financial institutions (including some of the biggest insurers in the world) turned to the taxpayers to remain solvent, not a single one of our carriers needed, requested nor received a government bailout to meet their promises to policyholders. As the economic recovery continues to sputter and some insurance companies struggle, our carriers remain strong and stable.

value-iconValue – Ever wonder how every insurance company can promise that they will save you money? The simple answer is, they can’t make that promise. Each company has their own rates which sometimes are lower, sometimes not, depending on their rating factors for a particular risk. In order to find out which company is best for you, you have to go from company to company, getting quote after quote after quote. Instead, you could call KPIA because we have access to the rates of literally hundreds of companies and products so we do the shopping for you, allowing us to offer the best combination of price, service and stability to meet your individual situation.

serviceService – Are you tired of the ‘Touch Tone Tango’, having to wade through menu after menu of an automated phone system to get a human being just to ask the simplest of questions? When you call us, you get… A REAL LIVE HUMAN! While not exactly a novel concept, this type of home-town personal service does not have to be a luxury. At KPIA, we believe you should be able to talk to your agent without pressing 1… then 3… then 2… etc…

Find out how KPIA Agents can save you thousands in policy costs and protect your investment.